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Omega 14703 Replacement Remote Transmitter

SKU: 14703

If you value your vehicle enough to protect it with an Omega Security System or Remote Starter, then take the extra precaution of having a spare transmitter just in case your original is lost or stolen. There's nothing worse than being locked out of your car so be prepared and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing it won't happen to you.

  • 4 buttons
Transmitter works with these Excalibur systems:
  • AL-1620-EDP
  • AL-1630-EDP8
  • AL-1650-EDP8
  • RF-30-EDP
  • RS-310-EDP
  • RS-320-EDP
  • RS-330-EDP
  • RS-330-EDPB
  • RS-340-EDP+
  • RS-350-EDPB
  • RS-350-EDP+
  • RS-351-EDP
Circuit Board reference model numbers:
  • ETHB

Price: The price is $69.55

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